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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Report Says WAR is COMING!!!

Get your Jimmy "America's Best Days are Behind Us" Carter Sweater out. A Reuter's story today (,23599,22711039-23109,00.html) revealed a new report entitled The Age of Consequences has been released by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. In it, Democrat Advisors warn of the miserable Earth to come. Leon Feurth, former National Security Adviser to Al Gore, predicts rich nations will "go through a 30-year process of kicking people away from the lifeboat"--leaving the poor to suffer the hardships of an Earth with gravely fewer resources. He speculates that deep hatreds will develop as people seek to migrate and possibly conquer lands less impacted by global warming. Not to be outdone, John Podesta, President Bill Clinton's former chief of staff and now president of the Centre for American Progress think tank is even more alarmist predicting, "a scenario in which people and nations are threatened by massive food and water shortages, devastating natural disasters and deadly disease outbreaks," and he "called this outcome inevitable" according to Reuters.

I'm sure there are households in America that will lay awake tonight with nightmares of the coming apocalypse, but I found some perspective in a recent editorial by Investor's Business Daily, "Malthus' Minions" (
Helpfully, they remind us that these kinds of doomsday reports have been coming out to scare people since at least 1798 when "Thomas Malthus published a book in which he calculated that human populations were growing faster than the world's ability to feed them." Malthus failed to account for human adaptability and technological advancement. We now eat more, not less and there are FAR more people. IBD then cited numerous other reports of doom from
"The Population Bomb" to the latest UN warnings on predicting a dire future of want, scarcity and need.

They all had one thing in common. They were wrong. OK, make that two things. They were wrong AND the wrongness didn't stop sequels and re-imaginings to keep coming until this very day.

So before you panic or let your kids panic about the plundering of the earth and the last battles for survival, read IBD's editorial and renew your faith in the idea that there are still better days to come for all nations.


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