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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rush Limbaugh called me!

Unfortunately, I have no proof. My first show was on Monday, but I was preempted after 4:30 for the Sonics. Rush Limbaugh called to congratulate me on the new show, but I was already gone! I didn't even get to talk with him, and no recording was made. It's quite painful. Rush has been a hero of mine since I first heard him.

Of course, the reason Rush called was entirely due to my wife--she was the inspiration and drive and the coordinator behind Rush's visit to Afghanistan where they became friends. I am just one of many "imitators" as he likes to put it. :-)

I have to admit, even if I didn't get to talk to him or hear him, it is pretty cool.


Blogger Brandon & Lamb said...

HaaHaAHAAA. Figures, one of your all time idols calls and you're sitting on the toilet. Too funny.

Congrats on the new show.

3:19 PM  
Blogger davehill90 said...

Didn't leave a message? That is too bad. You could get to him to record you something I'm certain, esp. if he wanted to congratulate you - as busy as he is - he watches the SeaHawks

I have asked before, but could you please ease up on the anti-union stuff? A lot of listeners voted for W twice, work hard for our employer [we've had to hold the line in grocery, with Walmart competition, etc.] and get a lot less than some other unions, including other [like UPS driver] Teamsters. Much less than parity that we had enjoyed when I started 30 years ago with Longshoremen and Boeing


Union drivers are rolling into generator driven IGA, Safeway, and other stores in Aberdeen and Chehalis with emergency supplies where those quickly built for quick profit Walmarts are underwater
Show some respect, in the interest of balance - please!
To pay my quadrupled WA property taxes and support my family I work two jobs - one I met Dino Rossi on, as a server at the convention center ... he treated me so nicely, even dressed as a server!

Queen Christine is doing fly overs with her WDOT to see what she can guilt the FEDS and you & me into about all this, for which we NEED Rossi fiscal responsiblity more than ever now!

My 2nd job also helps support my 'music habit' Would you like a CD? $9 to P.O. Box 7828 Tacoma, WA 98417 for 9 tunes - in stores soon! I hooked your old buddy Weissenheimerbach up with Pacific Studios to continue his great parity [Shanklin type] recordings when he came up from CA

So be nice to us please, Grasshopper ... and don't just out of hand denegrate all union folks

David Hill TAcoma WA hear some?:

7:31 PM  

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